Whether you wake up to the roof letting buckets of rain in, or the kitchen pipe bursts while you are on vacation, you have an emergency on your hands. Fixing the damage from these disasters requires a fast response. Mold grows fast in as little as 24 hours. Families and business owners usually do not have the necessary equipment to handle tackle these cleanups fast enough to minimize the costs and cleanup response.

How water damage repair insurance works

After an emergency, your NJ or NY agent will need verification of the disaster for the claims department. Several pictures and detailed reports are important for figuring out how much the insurance needs to pay, and who to get to do the work. While this is happening, bacteria begins to grow. If the response is not fast enough, the home or business owner may find themselves with mold growing making the place unusable without disinfection.

Why let Dry On Time take care of filing for water damage restoration insurance

Instead of contacting your insurance agent, give Dry On Time a call at 516-852-7553. Our family is proud to take this burden off your shoulders. We deal with this situation daily, so we know how to minimize the process. We are happy to contact the insurance agency for you. We will give them the details after asking you a few key questions. Then, we will handle the photos and requirements for filing on your behalf. Our goal is to make the whole situation a little easier. We will provide all the documents for your claim.

Dry On Time is your local leader in home and business emergency restoration services. Water damage restoration insurance may seem confusing to most property owners, but our certified team wants to assist you by making the situation much less hectic.