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How long does fire damage cleanup take?

Depending on how severe the situation is, fire damage can vary in time. We can give you an estimate time of how long restoration would take once we arrive and can assess the situation. Variable such as how bad the damage is, was there also water damage to the home or other issues that could affect the length of time needed.

Do you board up a home after a fire?

Yes, we can do that. We can help prevent loitering and provide safety to the home while we are in the process of helping restore your home. This helps prevent future damage and ensures that your home will be safe while we are working with insurance to get everything fixed.

Can we stay in our home after a fire?

Insurance adjusters will be able to tell you this once they assess how badly the damage has affected the house. If the area destroyed by smoke and fire was just one room of the house, it will usually not affect the other rooms and will be okay to stay in the house. Always be sure to consult with a professional before making a determination about this.

What should I do after a flood or leak?

First off, contact us here at Dry on Time. Mold can begin to form after 12 hours so do not delay. Also, the longer the water sits, the more damage it can do to your walls and carpet. We can even contact your insurance company for you to help take some off the added stress off of you.

What are common issues from water damage?

There can be secondary effects from excess water left in your home. Property value can be decreased and the actual property can be ruined. The home structure itself can be compromised and it can cost thousands of dollars to fix. The paint can chip, wooden floors can rot and carpets can be destroyed.

What are the side effects from mold?

Mold can be devastating to your home and to your family. Mold will destroy furniture, drywall and the wood in your home. Mold also allows for harmful bacteria, rodents and asbestos to live. Mold can also cause flu-like symptoms to form as well.

Do I need to call insurance after an emergency?

With all of the stress you are already feeling, call Dry on Time first. We can handle everything from handling insurance to all of your emergency services so you don’t have to deal with additional problems. We’ve got you covered.