If you have people who come over whether they or sick or not, then you know how important it is to know the correct home disinfection techniques. When someone in the house is sick, there are specific ways to clean to keep others from getting the illness. Everyone can use a refresher when life is hectic. Here are a few tips to make sure you always kill the germs when someone is sick around you.

General home disinfection tips

  • Thoroughly and regularly clean things that everyone handles
  • Use bleach that is not expired in a solution of four teaspoons to one liter of water
  • May use a 70 percent alcohol solution
  • Clean dirty items with soap and water before disinfecting them
  • After rinsing and drying, add enough disinfectant to wet the item fully, and leave sit for at least one minute
  • Let the item air dry
  • Repeat steps when someone who is sick touches things, daily, and after nearby areas become dusty and dirty
  • Wash clothes in warm or hot water, and dry on the hottest setting possible

Home disinfection when sick people stop by

It never fails. You think you are avoiding the flu or a bad upper respiratory infection going around, but a friend stops by, and they are sick. Maybe, someone visits, and a few days later they start exhibiting symptoms of being sick. It is time to do a bit of serious cleaning.

Be consistent about cleaning items the sick individual uses. Wear gloves and clean the area you will put the things you are disinfecting. Grab items from each room, wash, then disinfect, and set the items in a clean zone to dry. Do laundry. Wash large surfaces, and air out the rooms.

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