With everyone stuck inside because of the Corona Virus, many of us are researching the illness, and how we can protect ourselves and our families. At Dry On Time, sanitizing is what we do every day. The Centers for Disease Control give very strict guidelines on how to safely and effectively combat the Corona Virus at home. We talk about some of the most important things below.

Tips for home disinfection for corona virus in general

Disinfection for corona includes a regular and thorough cleaning of anything people touch in the home. For example, the refrigerator door and toilet handle are two of the most commonly touched surfaces in a house. Doorknobs, remote controls, cabinet doors, tables, counters, computers, keyboards, cell phones, keys, and coat racks are all things you should clean and disinfect regularly. The CDC says there is a specific method you should use to disinfect items.

  • Clean an item with soap and water or an approved cleaner when stuff is dirty
  • Afterward, use a disinfectant like one-third of a cup to bleach to a gallon of warm water or a 70 percent or higher alcohol solution
  • Leave disinfectant on for at least one minute
  • Allow to air dry
  • Always use gloves and hot water for cleaning and disinfecting

Home sanitizing for corona virus and a sick family member

  • Isolate the person
  • Give them a separate trash can and cleaning supplies
  • Avoid contact as much as possible
  • Only clean their room if it is dirty and the sick individual cannot
  • Always wear gloves to handle trash, laundry, or touching anything in the room
  • Immediately wash hands after cleaning

If you or a family member need home sanitizing for corona and disinfection services in Bergen County, NJ, or Manhattan, please call Dry On Time at 516-852-7553. Let us help you protect your family.