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Mold Removal & Remediation New Jersey

Dry On Time is able to provide our clients of a full mold remediation service.

When it comes to you or your family’s health, you need a trustworthy, and certified mold removal company who will walk you through your mold situation to not only remove the mold, but to remediate or correct the original problem that caused the mold growth to begin with.

When you contact Dry On Time in New Jersey for your mold issues, we offer a no-obligation inspection and price quote at no cost! Our trained professionals come up with new innovative strategies to remedy your mold problems and will explain every step of the way, starting from inspection, testing, removal, and remediation, all the way to the final step of restoration. When it comes to mold remediation in the Tri State area you will not have to worry about contacting more than one contractor. Our services save you time, and money. 


Dry on Time’s Mold Removal Services:


Step 1 – Mold Assessment

The first stage in mold remediation services is mold assessment. Here, Dry On Time will visit the premises in order to inspect for mold. 

Step 2 – Sampling

Sampling in mold remediation services won’t always be necessary, but if residents are experiencing health problems such as breathing difficulties, sampling may be necessary in order to identify the particular type of mold. 

Step 3 – Water Damage Restoration

Mold is caused by the presence of damp. These often go hand-in-hand as mold actually requires wet surfaces in order to spread and thrive. If mold particles come in contact with a wet surface, they will normally settle in and begin to grow within 24 hours.

Step 4 – Disposal

Before Dry On Time continues with the drying and cleaning of your belongings, they will first dispose of items that are beyond repair. This will likely be necessary for any items such as mattresses, pillows or drywall which may have absorbed the mold and contaminated water.

Step 5 – Drying

Once the water has been stopped, it is then necessary for the mold remediation crew to carefully dry the area. 

Step 6 – Cleaning

When the surfaces are all dried out, Dry On Time may need to use a heavy duty approach such as wet and dry vacuuming, dry ice vacuuming etc. A HEPA vacuum is a high-efficiency particulate air vacuum which can remove mold from the air as well as debris and dust.

Step 7 – Repair and Restoration

Depending on our range of services being offered by Dry On Time you may also receive our restoration service such as repainting or retiling. We also offer carpet restoration services. 


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DryOnTime is a local business, owned and managed by family from New Jersey. We know the area well and have helped hundreds of Businesses, Buildings and Houses with our emergency services.

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